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How Bitsol Technologies can help businesses?

Bitsol Technologies helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors and scale their growth by automating and outsourcing their complex business processes and IT operations. Bitsol Technologies offers diverse tools and technologies and provides one-stop solutions to their valued customers.

We are a result-focused and outcome-conscious outsourcing company that offers IT services and solutions to elevate business.

Our team develops high-quality web and mobile applications by modernization for SMEs and large enterprises to help them accelerate their business. React, Flutter, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Typescript, Node JS, and other top-notch technologies are used to build what our customers actually need for their business to grow. We use agile approaches to make improvements at every level and to work in constant contact with the stakeholders. Let’s have a look at the detailed description of the services we offer:

Enterprise Web Apps

With many years of experience in Enterprise Web Apps and web designing outsourcing , we provide a wide range of web application services for healthcare, green energy, real estate, eCommerce, education, sports, etc. We create web applications that deliver an engaging user experience for customers, increasing the business’s overall value. Bitsol Technologies’ web development combines creativity with state-of-the-art technologies to provide customized services:

  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Front end development
  • Web portals
  • Large-scale web applications within the given timeline
  • Single-page applications with the latest technologies

Bitsol Technologies is committed to developing software applications with the latest technologies. Our team of highly skilled web developers covers all aspects of digital transformation for every organization with an international clientele.

Since technologies and tools have evolved in the development domain over time, developers at Bitsol Technologies are continuously working hard to keep up with this evolution. Moreover, the management of Bitsol Technologies has the vision to develop and grow its team and keep them updated with the latest technologies and trends. Bitsol Technologies’ team of developers is fully equipped with the latest updates and techniques to better meet the current needs. If you need a quick turnaround for your solution-oriented development needs, outsourcing to Bitsol Technologies services is the way to go. 

App Development

Mobile application development needs the genius to produce creative, innovative, and user-friendly apps for end users. Bitsol Technologies has a team of professional developers who can turn business concepts into a spectacular reality.

We are a top App development company with the passion, proficiency, and aptitude to create appealing, instinctive, and state-of-the-art mobile apps that help businesses grow. Bitsol Technologies’ team in mobile app development helps businesses with:

  • iOS and Android Native app development
  • Cross-platform apps
  • React native apps
  • Hybrid Apps

Bitsol Technologies provides mobile development services to start-ups, SMEs, and businesses. Mobile development is becoming increasingly crucial for companies today. It enables businesses to digitize and grow their business processes while reinforcing their ideas for better collaboration with employees, financial investors, and clients.

Cloud Computing

Due to business development, reduction, mergers & acquisitions, the IT environment has gotten increasingly complex. The complexity of this notion raises costs and reduces productivity, putting businesses at a competitive disadvantage. Cloud computing services are the answer to such IT problems. Bitsol  Technologies can better assist companies in designing, coding, and debugging CI/CD pipeline delivery models, google cloud, amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Git, and Git workflow, containerization, etc. 

IT leaders must identify ways to reduce capital expenditures, save costs, and improve IT effectiveness in today’s business environment. Cloud computing is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It does, however, imply a significant service of the current IT department, operations, resources, IT infrastructure, data center, and programming paradigms. 

cloud computing services

We have aided numerous SMEs, and large businesses worldwide to improve their IT departments’ efficiency, consolidation, and strategies as part of their Cloud Migration journey. Now businesses can gain fresh perspectives and give better service with our expertise.

Bitsol Technologies uses cloud computing because it has well-established data centers that are dynamic and offer high-tech services. Data management and maintenance issues are quickly resolved with cloud computing services because centralized centers easily handle them. Our services also support remote computation, which increases their versatility as an IT outsourcing service and makes them highly dependable due to advanced security measures.

Business Analysis

Team at Bitsol Technologies understands the difficulties businesses encounter and the importance of timely and successful implementation. The obstacles may hinder their outstanding ideas, funding prospects, and business growth. But we don’t just listen; we actively assist them in addressing real-world issues, leveraging next-generation technology, and achieving faster and more creative software development. Bitsol Technologies offers:

A company’s success is frequently impeded by ineffective technological solutions and applications that have reached the end of their useful lives. 

Bitsol Technologies serves as a vital resource for the organizations, assisting them in closing the technology gap by providing the necessary skills and experience. 

We assess their present business position and recommend the best action.

Bitsol Technologies assists clients in proactively managing and improving their IT infrastructure and on-demand IT assistance. We have a dynamic array of managed service capabilities that allow businesses to keep control while remaining flexible.

We think that our business analysis services are specifically tailored for businesses to accomplish faster time to market, functioning competence, and competitiveness. We have several software services for companies and have countless success stories.

Product Design

The most reliable path to corporate success is an engaging, smooth user experience. Every touch is a prospect for building consumer loyalty. Our journey mapping expertise and design skills help businesses develop a seamless digital experience.

We create prototypes and wireframes to test with real clients using our standard design procedures and an iterative aspect. This low-risk, high-reward technique provides the assurance businesses require before making a significant investment. Our designs are:

  • User Friendly
  • Interactive
  • Responsive

Bitsol Technologies helps businesses prioritize features using an iterative methodology to go to market rapidly. Our team of professionals design, develop, deploy, and support web applications, mobile apps, custom software, and corporate portals.


It is a commonly known fact that collaboration, computerization, and amalgamation are vital components of a successful DevOps deployment, but many businesses eliminate the bottlenecks that come with it.

Bistol Technologies can assist them in implementing lean and agile best practices closing the gaps in the delivery process. Our DevOps Services enable a collaborative, innovative, and operationally efficient culture.

DevOps ServicesOur DevOps services include Automation, Assessment, and Management services with various tools to automate and measure the performance of DevOps deployments to assure a higher quality of software builds.

Software QA & Testing 

Each time we add a new feature or functionality to the software, we test it. Since businesses are under enormous pressure to improve customer experience and accelerate their time to market while maintaining profitability.

Our Software QA & Testing services ensure that all the applications and software are thoroughly tested using top-notch testing procedures and QA methods. Our QA team works in:

  • QA Automation Testing
  • Independent Testing
  • Manual Testing 

Our testing services deliver a full service, defect reduction, quality improvements, and enhanced efficiency for faster business outcomes. 

We assist businesses with testing to ensure that no bugs make it into production and that they have the best test coverage possible. Our specialized QA testing services are mentioned below:

Security Testing

Our security testing ensures that the applications and software are risk-free and there are no threats that can cause any harm. We focus on finding the weaknesses and loopholes of the applications and software that might cause a loss of information or the reputation of the company. A few of the basic principles of our security testing:

  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Integrity
  • Authorization
  • Non-repudiation
  • Availability

Mobile Testing

Bitsol Technologies’ QA team tests all types of mobile applications for their functionality, performance, consistency, and usability. It uses manual and automated testing, therefore, our apps work properly and deliver the required results.  

Web Testing

Web testing is a significant part of our development process. Our team ensures the quality of the software by testing its features and functionality and makes sure that the functionality of the software is as per the requirements. 

Accessibility Testing

We use accessibility testing to make the usability of mobile and web applications to as many users as possible. It helps us develop applications that are accessible to the ones with disabilities such as hearing impairment, vision impairment, and any other cognitive or physical condition. 

508 Testing

508 testing used at Bitsol Technologies’ enables us to make our digital content and technologies so that it can be accessible to the general public who have disabilities and who might use assistive technologies. 

Bitsol Technologies covers all the stages of development and helps businesses accomplish digital solutions designed and developed specifically for their business. We strive to satisfy exclusive requirements and help enterprises develop their workflow more efficiently. 

By partnering with us, you can address complex business challenges with adaptable, simple, and innovative solutions. Check out bitsol.tech for more details on various services and technology solutions to optimize your business model.

We have worked very hard to reach this milestone and businesses can trust our services and allow us to provide them with the best.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!


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