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Bitsol Technologies as an AI and ML service provider offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Our team of experts specializes in developing innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and drive business growth

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Services We are Offering

AI Consulting & Development

With our AI consulting and development services, we accelerate business growth, seamlessly integrate AI into your current technology infrastructure, and design cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance business processes.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We understand the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in streamlining business workflows and improving user experiences. If you want to build an intelligent chatbot, a question-answering tool, a text analysis system, or a smart voice assistant, our expert team has the skills and expertise to execute the project efficiently.

Data Analysis

Maximize the value of your database inputs using our ML technology. Accurately analyzing customer needs and predicting market demand, pricing, competition, and more becomes feasible with the right approach, Bitsol Technologies offers high-quality ML services that can help your business gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

ML Model Development

Our ML service begins by evaluating your business case and devising a precise algorithm tailored to your needs. We then proceed to train machine learning models using actual or simulated data, ensuring optimal outcomes. Our end-to-end solution is primed for immediate implementation.

Data Support for AI/ML

We provide data assistance for AI/ML by precisely annotating data such as text, images, or videos to train AI/ML models and enhance the efficiency of your business operations. Our certified experts, supported by the AI & ML centers of excellence, offer exceptional data support with a commitment to confidentiality, precision, and accuracy.

Al Model Assessment

Whether you are looking to improve your existing AI model or are in the process of developing a new one, our AI model assessment services can help you achieve your objectives. With Bitsol Technologies, you can rely on our expert guidance and deep understanding of AI technology to help you achieve success in your AI initiatives.

Latest Technologies We are Proficient With

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Machine Learning Algorithms

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Predictive Analytics

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Clustering and Segmentation

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Customer Segmentation

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Data and AI

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Technologies we are having expertise with

Our Case Studies

Web Based Real Time Face Tracking System


Web based real time face tracking system

Developed real-time OpenCV facial tracking with support for landmark and pose detection, specifically for use with overlaid 3D graphics. OpenCV modules were compiled to WebAssembly for use on the web with better FPS.

Platform: C++, OpenCV, WebAssembly, JS

Cloud Based –Monitoring System for Personalised Home Medication

Cloud Based –Monitoring System for PersonaliSed Home Medication

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled system to assist patients to follow a treatment plan at home. The deep learning model is a Convolutional Neural Network

 CNN classifier that is able to detect a drug even when shown in different orientations. The CNN model is trained for each patient based on his/her prescription medicine schedule. The advantage of the system is the dynamic functionality that makes it a good solution for personalized medication. The GUI demonstrates that the system can assist patients in taking the correct drug and prevent medication errors.

Platform: CNN, Python, Flask, Imaging

Innovative car body paint replacement

Innovative car body paint replacement takes advantage of state-of-the-art models like InstructPix2Pix and ControlNet to revolutionize the process. InstructPix2Pix employs deep learning techniques for accurate image-to-image translation, learning to map damaged or outdated car paint to fresh and vibrant finishes. ControlNet integrates control algorithms to fine-tune and customize color, texture, and other paint parameters, ensuring precise matching with the existing vehicle color. These models are trained on extensive datasets to guarantee realistic and high-quality results. The replacement process is facilitated by platforms like HuggingFace, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, and Google Colab, offering efficient training, deployment, and collaboration, and utilizing the computational power of GPUs and TPUs. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless, accurate, and customizable car body paint replacements.
Platform: HuggingFace, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, Google Colab

business analysis
Business Strategy & Planning
Business Strategy & Planning

We will assess your current business position and recommend the best business strategy and planning while assisting them in closing the technology gap.

IT Managed Services
IT Managed Services

Bitsol Technologies assists you in proactively managing and improving your IT infrastructure and assumes 360-degree accountability for your IT operations.

IT modernization
IT modernization

Bitsol Technologies can assist you in determining where your systems are lacking and help you develop an IT modernisation strategy

IT Budgeting

We assist you in developing high-level plan targets and specific driver-based operational and financial plans to meet their goals with strategic IT planning.