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This web app is perfect for students, teachers, educational institutes, and employers alike. It helps students explore higher education options and track academic progress with features like a higher education explorer, student achievements, class schedules, and an organization setting screen. Employers and educational institutes can monitor the usage patterns and skill proficiency of their employees.

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Users’ Data

The admin panel provides valuable insights into app usage, including total and unique logins. Total logins show overall usage frequency over time, while unique logins indicate the number of devices used to access the app. This helps organizations understand the users’ usage patterns and make informed decisions for the future.

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higher education explorer (1)

Higher Education Explorer

The Higher Education Explorer is a valuable tool for students exploring professions and universities. It provides personalized recommendations and detailed information, helping students make educational decisions about their future. The search option suggests relevant programs and potential career paths based on the student’s interests and career goals.

Main Dashboard

This dashboard caters to all users and provides a comprehensive view of academic progress and extracurricular activities. Students can track grades, attendance, and class performance while professionals can view their employment history. The “teams” section allows joining clubs and organizations. The leaderboard ranks users based on academic performance, attendance, or activity participation. The classes section displays schedules, course details, and grades, and provides reminders and additional resources.

main dashboard
organization settings

Organizational Data

This feature tracks total logins against RoleMap and total unique logins against date, providing valuable insights into organization usage patterns. It helps identify areas of strength and weakness and informs decisions about resource allocation and training. The Total Unique Logins Against Date section aids in scheduling and resource allocation, while the Total Logins Against RoleMap section provides information about the usage patterns of different groups within the organization.

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